Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finishing Touches

When I was living alone in grad school my mom and dad found this adorable table with green painted chairs and legs and a varnished top.  It had a few scratches and bad spots on top, but it was adorable, so they bought it and gave it to me.  A few years and 4 states later, we are still using it.  The varnishing was neither in good shape, nor waterproof, so I had been thinking of refinishing it for a while.
Enter summer (excessive heat)
The weather finally cooled off enough for us to go for it.  I didn't get a really good before picture, but I think this first one gives you an idea of the condition of its condition.

We are so thrilled with it.  The wood turned out to be in beautiful shape.  What a happy surprise!  Now it looks good and I can relax when we or guests put sweaty glasses on the table.