Friday, January 21, 2011

Squash soup

We still have a good amount of squash left from Nate's parents. I have been wanting to make some soup out of it but have been putting it off. After seeing this post from Posie Gets Cozy I decided to give it a shot. I used a combination of a few recipes, the one from Posie, the squash soup from Joy of Cooking, and the pumpkin soup recipe from Joy.
I roasted all the vegetables (squash, onions, garlic).

Then Nate and I scraped out the squash and cooked it in chicken broth.

Then I used my hand blender for the first time ever. It was AMAZING! I will use it all the time now. It completely blended the onions, which I left in wedges when I roasted them. We heated it back up on the stove and I added two cups of milk.

I added some chili powder and cinnamon and we had green beans to go with it.

It was really great, the only thing we used from the grocery store were spices and the garlic.
I think the next time I'll tell you about the venison chili we had this week too.
Have you tried any new recipes this winter?

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