Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's not all about me; Weekend Gardening

Before I launch on into my story about our sunny little lives down here, I think it would be wrong and callous to ignore what's happening on the other side of the planet. So I wanted to ask:
Have you done anything for Japan? Anything to help those who can't help themselves? Like Jesus asked us to? Or if you prefer, because we can?
The blog-rolls are all over this, so I just wanted to pass along some of the ones I'm interested in.
World Vision
Red Cross
Do you want a crafty or artsy reminder of the past week? One whose proceeds will help those in need?
These guys will give 90% of the proceeds to Red Cross if you purchase this print. It is very pretty, and they have already raised so much! It's incredible.
Alicia Paulson (I don't know her, but she answered a question I asked on her blog! It was exciting!) compiled a list of crafters that are supplying or hosting donation opportunities. I think she will keep adding to the list.
My friend Mandy is participating in a raffle by supplying prizes.

Have you encountered any other opportunities for giving?
Anyways, just a couple ideas. I know we've all been thinking and praying about it.

This post is for my in-laws.
For my in-laws especially. They are gardening fanatics, so I know they are interested to see what we do. And Roger is, evidently, the biggest fan here at hookyarnsinker. (Nate says: Like BIG, Molly. Bigger than your mom, and I know how big of a fan your mom is.)
So, everybody, here's what we did!

More gardening this weekend. In fact, I had quite the botanical day, but I think that should be another post in itself.
Nate borrowed a tiller so he tilled the vegetable garden out back.

Our seedlings are still in the trays and aren't big enough to put in the ground, hopefully in another week or two. Instead we planted seeds.

Nate picked up these carrot and beet seeds for me yesterday! Very exciting!

First we had to figure out the layout.
We put three beds in the front, then rows along the back.

Don't even worry about my awesome gardening-ware.
I don't was to get a rash from the grass, and I don't want snakes nipping at my toes.
You all and the neighbors can deal.

The front three beds from left to right: carrots, beets, and onions.
The row all the way over on left will be Blue Lake Bush Beans (green beans on a bush).
The rest of those rows will be tomatoes, peppers and basil.
I'm really excited to see how things turn out!
I'm a little disappointed about the onions, though. Nearly everything else (in this bed) we have planted has come from seed. So you get one thing, and it turns into something else. I would even argue that for the cold frame. We got some things that only have leaves, and they will grow heads, bunches, and crowns. The onions are already onions, they'll just get bigger. It seems kind of anticlimactic, but I won't complain when I don't have to buy onions.
In other garden news, remember how sad the parsley was? And I said that I blame the mint if it dies and I have to pull it out? Well, I checked it everyday last week and I wasn't seeing much action.
Now, it wasn't turning more brown or drying up, so I thought I would let it go and see what happens. These are the regenerative powers of mother nature we're talking about. Winter always turns into spring, as things die new life continues to pop up. Always, always, so I wanted to wait.
On Friday morning I came out to check and water, got down real close and realized that there was new, fresh parsley popping up! New growth under the old. I immediately got the scissors and cut off the old crap to make way for the new. Here's a little close up. They have already grown! Parsley after all!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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