Tuesday, March 8, 2011

well shucks...

I had my lessons today and one of my students brought me this.

Names have been blocked to protect the innocent.

This certainly warmed my heart. And the sun brightened my day, because boy is it rainy here today. I'm not leaving unless I have to.
Her rendering of our lesson is very accurate. My cello is lighter in color than her violin. I put my end-pin on a little mat so I don't scratch the floor. I wear jeans. And I wear these slippers, without fail. She was much kinder to the cat than he deserves. Guests are a traumatic experience for him, and put a stringed instrument in their hand, he's done, we'll see him tomorrow. She even made him smile, that's so sweet. She got the coloring right on him though, even though she can't have seen him for more than 5 seconds, ever.

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