Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tomato Soup

Another ode to the in-laws:
For a dinner this week Nate and I had homemade tomato soup. We had some home grown yellow pear tomatoes in the freezer from the in-laws. I bought some tomatoes last week that we didn't get to, so I thought they would be good in soup since they were getting a little mushy.
The recipe was adapted from my Joy cookbook.

olive oil, fresh garlic (yum), onion, fresh basil (from the garden!), tomatoes (frozen and fresh), crushed red pepper flakes, chicken broth (that I made from the chicken bones in my freezer), salt, and pepper.

cook the first part of the list in the olive oil, add the rest and boil for a while. Salt and pepper while it is cooking. I really think when I get into this habit it will push my cooking over the edge.
The broth! The rest of it is in the freezer!

We also had white cheddar bread. Needless to say it was awesome.

This is the finished product sliced. I would have taken a picture of the loaf whole, but then I would have had to share it with you and due to a mishap between the wood cutting board, the cornmeal, and the heated pizza stone, it was not camera ready. I have since made a beautiful loaf, but like many foodstuffs here it did not survive long enough to be documented.

Thanks Mom and Dad W!!


  1. The soup and bread look yummy. Any leftovers?

  2. A little bit of bread, but only for modesty's sake.