Thursday, June 2, 2011

Food for thought

I am a crafter. I try to be creative.
One of the things I like most about the internet is the ability to share creativity. Sites like ravelry, etsy, and various blogs make it so easy to gain inspiration from others or offer your support to another creative person by buying their product or giving them encouragement.
I came across these two blog posts separately, but they are about the same things. Credit to whom credit and all that. I wanted to share not because I can completely empathize with the plight, but because with the internet it is SO EASY to support the little guy or gal who is trying to share their art.
I'm not saying that we should be able to copyright or protect every little thing that comes off the needles, out of the sewing machine, etc. I'm just saying that there are a lot of resources for handmade, and it seems to be all the rage.
For the record, I think the second example I provided is much more compelling than the first.
So, if you are interested you might want to start here:

Anatomy of a trending topic

I have not read anything else on this blog, but it was linked on another I read. I thought it was interesting.
After you read that, then read post from this gal:

Just saying.

I can give you my whole-hearted endorsement of this blog, because she is brilliant and I've been following her for over a year just so that I can look at something gorgeous and original every few days.

You can see a more detailed follow-up here.


  1. Does this mean you're boycotting Anthropologie?

  2. Ha! That's what my mom asked. One could argue that I already am "boycotting" Anthro.
    I guess it just made me think, if I find something homespun and eclectic there, I can probably find something that actually is homespun, maybe better quality? I don't know.
    I'm not calling for a widespread anything like the first blogger is. It just gave me pause (especially the second one).

  3. It definitely gave me pause. I had no idea that it was so "well-known" that UO and Anthro did that.

    I don't think you're boycotting Anthro as much as you're boycotting "city-life." :)

  4. Molly, I read your post last night, and have been thinking about it all day. Wish I could say this was shocking news, but sadly, I've heard too many other similar stories. I did a post on it too, and credited you for posting it first.