Monday, June 27, 2011

While the cat's away...

We freak the heck out.
I accidentally let the cat out last week. I know that this seems like not a big deal. But he is an indoor kitty! We live in the wilderness! Remember this?! That's nothing compared to what else is out there (in my imagination)!
Seriously though, there are 4 types of poisonous venomous snakes in the United States. Of those 4 types, 4 live in Arkansas. Seriously!!
Sometimes raccoons come and get in the trash! They are vicious!
There are real feral cats that live out there!
And big dogs!
Poisonous spiders!
Killer chipmunks!!
...wait a second.
That's about how my day went. Some tears, some calls to Nate, some comfort from my mom in the form of, "It'll be ok, one time Waldo* ran away and came back after three days! Wait, he won't be gone that long, I mean, I know he'll be back very soon."
The kitty was gone for about 12 hours. We searched all over for him, but he finally wandered back after dark.

He was awfully smug when he finally came back.
But look how dusty!
We immediately found a tick on him and pulled it off, then checked for more.
We decided that he definitely needed a bath.
I took pictures, but they do not come close to capturing the awesomeness of the event.
He was so upset.
I thought that the bath experience would be associated with his romp in the wilderness and therefore discouraging any future frolics or associations with the outdoors.
I was wrong.

*childhood dog

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