Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eat your greens

I feel like I've been posting a lot, but you don't have to read unless you want to.
This latest project is very exciting!
And it is all Nate.
He took advantage of the awesome weather today to do some work outside.
Last weekend Nate picked up some scrap wood from work to start on a project we had been talking about. I went in to Lowe's to get the finishing touches on Friday and he finished it today. I am beyond excited about it. I was cleaning up the house and doing laundry while he was working on it and kept going outside to ask him how it was going.
It went something like this:
Me: Hey, how's it going??
N: It's good
M: It's looking great! I can't wait!!
repeat every 15 minutes until project is done.
Annoying? Nah.

This is the finished product sitting in front of the house. By the sweet daffodil. Do you know what's inside?
Vegetables! In a cold frame! Growing right outside the kitchen! Aren't they cute? Little tiny plants waiting to be eaten!
This is iceberg lettuce. A classic.
This is romaine lettuce.
And this is broccoli!! The broccoli is not very practical for our climate this time of year, but since I found young plants so early in the season we thought we might get a little out of them before they get fried in the oppressive Southern heat. We'll try it again when it cools off in the fall. We're also going to put seeds in here for the rest of our garden.
Ok! I'm off to try a new recipe! Can you guess what's in it?
It is a synonym for smash and it rhymes with posh and mosh.


  1. This looks great. You'll be eating green leafies before you know it!

  2. I hope so! We're excited. We've got herbs going now in the window box in the kitchen too!

  3. I may regret the garden when I'm fending off critters, but I'm excited about it for now! The stuff is really growing in the cold frame, so hopefully we'll be eating fresh salads soon!
    Thanks for stopping by, Rebekka!