Monday, February 7, 2011

For my brother

My brother's class thinks our cat is fat, so I wanted to show some of the things he does to stay in shape and alert.

Dear students,

My cat does not just lay around. And he is not that fat.
Sometimes he works really hard for lovin's. He is reckless because sometimes he falls over backwards while trying to get pets and scratches behind the ears.

Sometimes he plays with string. And he makes his claws come out with the ferocity of a wild animal.

Sometimes he helps me write blogs. Sometimes it hurts when he does that, but its because I'm weak, not because he's fat.

He does, admittedly, spend a lot of time sleeping like a dragon on the couch. But even wild animals need their rest.

Love, Molly (and Loki).

PS. I did check online though, and maybe kitty needs a little diet.
PPS. I am not a "cat" person, just a Loki person.


  1. The class thinks the cat really isn't that fat. It was really just one boy in particular who thought Loki was chubby. I won't say his name but it rhymes with Ranthony.
    I do think that Loki has some resembling characteristics to a dragon.

    PS. If you make any cookies soon, they would like to see pictures of them.

  2. Our cat is fat. And we learned 2 weeks ago, he also has heart problems. Such an American. We've tried putting him on a diet, but I'm not sure it works and he gets SUPER crazy when he's hungry.

  3. Mandy,
    This made me laugh so hard!
    I think Loki is going to need a diet, too. I'm not looking forward to it.