Monday, April 4, 2011

Musical Monday

This is a bit more lighthearted than last week's Musical Monday. Well, last week's started a discussion of canned eel, so maybe it wasn't as serious as I thought.
If you grew up in my "tribe"* of Christianity, chances are you have heard this song before. BUT you may not have heard this version by Christian artist Keith Green. As I have paid more attention, I see his name pretty often in some of the post-1960 songs we sing in church.
You may think that as the resident musicologist in my family that I'm the only one who finds obscure but interesting musical relics, but this find is from my brother. Turns out A Capella arranged a lot of Green's songs for their group.
I thought it was delightful when I was little, and I think it is delightful now, you may think it's silly, and that's ok too, maybe it is.
I especially like the way Green does the "Woo-hoo-hoo" section at the end with the guitar.
Fair warning, I did not watch the photo montage in this, I only listed to the song to make sure it was the right one.

Shout out to my cousin and her son for reminding me to look this up after witnessing their love of the Maccabeats.

*I read something from Mike Cope (or maybe Patrick Mead), and he referred to different Christian traditions as tribes. I liked it, I'm using it.


  1. Oh Yea! My heart skipped a beat as I scrolled down and saw this week's selection. Love this stuff.

  2. Did you feel so good you could scream?
    I thought you would like it.