Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend gardening...and stuff

This weekend we included the goat cheese as a major player in the menu. What I mean by that is we slathered it on the Turkey Burgers we made Friday. I put sage, basil, and green onions in the burgers, and Nate added the goat cheese at the end of the grilling process.
We had the burgers with "oven friend" french fries with rosemary. I attempted homemade hamburger buns with the whole wheat bread dough I had (they were mostly a success). In that picture is the homemade ketchup from the in-laws, yum.

We did more work on the garden this weekend. Nate went in to town and picked up some straw. This is a picture of his car with 3, err, things of straw. Bales, they are bales of straw. I have not been in his car since then, and don't plan on it until a serious cleaning happens.

We put the straw in between each row and around the beds. It will serve as mulch and the newspaper we put under it will compost. So, yay! for less weeding.
I had a pretty good rash on my arm after handling the straw, so it turns out I'm still kind of a wuss. I was joking with Nate about how different my life would have been before access to antihistamines and albuterol. For example, I would never have survived the 7 miles in the 90 degree heat yesterday. I would not have made it in pioneer times. Oh well, I came right in, took some claritin, and washed my arms real good.

The problem with posting pictures of the gardening we do is that it is always out of date when I post it. It never fails that I take a picture, wait a few days, then post it on the blog thinking about how I should just go take another picture and use it. This one of the beet bed is from yesterday, so it should be pretty current. I think you can see the growth coming in rows in this one (ahem, Sarah) pretty good. They beets are coming in nicely, and the carrots too.
Other than the straw I did lots of transplanting and we started a few more seeds. I put some things in containers that I'll share with you later and we started cucumbers, more basil, squash, and some flowers. We are gearing up for a storm tonight (that is supposed to be strongest north and west of LR, come right on in!) so we brought all the planters into the screened in porch right beside the house and shut the cold frame. Otherwise we are excited for more rain.

But for right now it looks like this outside.

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