Sunday, May 22, 2011

First fruits

Er, first fruit I should say. I harvested our first onion today! It is curing in the shed right now. These Georgia Sweets sure do smell sweet.
Why yes, I did just show you three pictures of the same onion.

It is a little small, but that's ok. I don't know if we should have planted them further apart of something, but I'm ok with the size. My in-laws' onions were about this size too if I remember correctly.
This is the bed they were in. You can see that we used straw to mulch. You can also see from the lush grass growing between the beds what a huge failure that was. We are planning to pull the straw up and put down more newspapers. If it doesn't rain this afternoon we will get right on that. After Nate finishes building saw horses.

I have really come to love onions. I don't eat them plain like my grandparents, but they really add a lot when cooking. Nate thinks so too, and neither of us consider ourselves "onion people."

I also have some pictures of the teeny-tiny bean pods forming on one of our plants. I really tried to get it in good focus, but I couldn't. I'll just show you one so you can get the idea.
Ok, I'll show you two.

We had really nice, hard rains (not apocalyptic, like April) the last two nights so I think you can see how everything looks so green and lush. It's beautiful.

I have to say that it did rain hard enough for the cat to hide under the bed and shoot us looks that said "Screw YOU!" when we tried to coax him out.

I have a lot of catching up to do on here with the gardening and growing things in general. I'll be honest and tell you that there were a couple weeks where I didn't want to share what was going on because there was this time-period with gardening (I am 100% sure that it's not just one time period) where I was afraid that nothing was going to happen. So, I didn't share any pictures, and to be honest I didn't take all that many. It was just a lot of waiting. But now things are growing and blossoms and new shoots are forming. It is all very exciting. We have 1 billion tomato plants that I'm sure will produce fruit all at the same time. Then I will need to learn to can very quickly.

I will have lots to show you in the next few days with things growing both inside and out. And by inside and out I mean the house. There are no ultrasounds from this household.

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