Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My brother and his wife welcomed Julia Jean into this world yesterday! I can't wait to meet her in the next couple weeks. (Although I do have to wait, we got a plane ticket for me.)
But she'll be just as precious then (that's how I'm keeping myself from hopping in the car, as difficult as it is) . This is just how it is when you live far away. (I tell myself. I may or may not have cried about this yesterday.)

So, if you go back and read projects on the blog, it is "Julia's mobile," "Julia's room," "Julia's quilt."
Speaking of which, see this for updated pictures of Julia's mobile in Julia's nursery with Julia's quilt that my mom made. :)

I am so proud of Sean and Trisha. They will be amazing parents; they are amazing parents. Trisha just sent me a picture of Sean and Julia sleeping together in the chair and I couldn't help but think how incredibly blessed this little munchkin is. Her life will be filled with love, nurturing, and laughing from a lot of people. She is in for big things.

I love her already and I can't wait to get my hands on her. I'll kiss those cheeks and count her fingers and toes and sniff her head and sing her songs.


  1. Congratulations Aunt Molly! Julia is in for a lot of spoiling, I can see that now! So, so precious. Hang in there, you will be holding her before you know it :-)

  2. And, I'm crying again. I can't wait for you to do all those things for her. I just keep thinking what a beautiful, God-filled life she will have, and what a blessing she and her parents will be to each other. Congratulations, Aunt Molly!