Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Things I have learned from the mothers in my life (Nanny, Grandmother, Mom and Mom in law) in no particular order:
  • People like it when you pay attention to them.
  • Even if things are awful, you'll probably feel a bit better if you fix yourself up for the day (hair, make-up, etc.).
  • Speak up, because what if no one else does either?
  • Sometimes you serve others when they are in your home, sometimes you give them a job to do. Either one is fine, but use both options. Letting others help you is a different kind of hospitality.
  • Jesus loves me and everyone else.
  • It's much better to know you have forgiven than to wish you had.
  • You can't un-say anything, especially in an argument.
  • Even if you've told someone how much you love them or are proud of them, it can't hurt (too much) to do it again.
  • When people come to you for advice. The very first thing you should do is listen.
  • It's much better to think you have given too much than to wish you had given more.
  • When you do offer advice, offer it humbly and respectfully.
  • One of the loveliest things in a family is a husband and wife who respect each other when everyone is watching and when no one is watching.

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