Monday, May 23, 2011

Window sill experiment

Like ANYONE in my family cares about what I do anymore now that there is another baby to watch blink, grunt, sleep...

I was going to call it a window sill garden, but let's be real here. This is a glorified 5th grade science project I'm working on. That's probably too generous, in reality it is more like 1st or 2nd grade. I provided my own adult supervision with the sharp objects.

But I digress. I'm growing things in the window sill:
One of them is a violet. I will call this the Resurrection Violet. After being neglected for 6 months (I am not exaggerating, ask my mom or Nate) it is blooming. Blooming at least three groups of blooms. It's unbelievable. Nate bought me that pot while we were dating, and I bought the violet a bit later. This pot is magic, seriously, magic.

Since I was feeling cocky, I decided to try starting two violet plants from cuttings from my healthy Resurrection Violet.
Two tiny terrariums, trigger tubers. (I just said that.)
The leaves are still green, so it's not technically dying, right?
Next experiment:
I have often wanted to try growing an avocado tree from a pit. I looked up some instructions and it was pretty simple. You gently poke some toothpicks in the pit, suspend it in a glass, and partially cover the pit with water, pointy side up. Change the water and if funk started to grow on the pic, wipe it off.
So here it is. The stem got super tall, like so.
I had to cut it back, but as you can see it's still growing!
I didn't put it in the window sill for a while because I was afraid the sun might fry it, but it's been growing for a few weeks, so I think we're safe.
Nate kept saying, "You are growing a TREE on our refrigerator."
In ten years we'll be able to harvest avocados.

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