Friday, May 6, 2011

The house cookie

We found it people. If you come here and I make you cookies, these will be it. If you live near here and spend time in the hospital and I bring you cookies, it'll be these. If you ask me the quickest way for me to make a million dollars, I'll tell you I would sell these cookies. Not kidding. They are outrageously delicious. They are good enough to justify the sheer extravagance of two blog posts in one day. Our niece would say they are "a delicious surprise!" or "a taste explosion in my mouth!" She would be right.
I made chocolate chip cookies the other night because we had all the ingredients, and why not? I made them according to the Joy cookbook, which usually treats me so well, but they flattened right out, they were kind of papery and crispy on the ends. They tasted good, but I could never take them anywhere. They would be a shame to our family.
It has been bothering me all week, so I decided to give it another try, but not before googling "why are my chocolate chip cookies flat?" I didn't follow any of the advice there. Instead I went to the Cook's Illustrated site (remember the amazing magazine my awesome inlaws got us?) and found this recipe.
Perfect indeed.
You brown the butter then mix in the sugar and egg. So you sort of make caramel sauce, then mix it in with the flour and chocolate chips. The dough has a candy-ish texture to it.
I have to admit. This is considerably more labor intensive than any other chocolate cookie I've made, but to me it was worth it. If you have a babe on your hip and kiddos tearing up your house, this may not be the one for you. Unless one of those kids is the next Julia Child or something (in which case, why are you ever in the kitchen?).

I peeked in the oven and said to Nate, "I can't believe I made a cookie that looks like that!"
He took a bite and said, "Wow. This is the house cookie."
Stop what you're doing and make them.

Ok, I'm off to find new ways to wage war against ants. I'm still going to win.


  1. Oh thank heavens for you Miss M! It has always bothered me that cookies out of a dadblamed TUBE look better than mine. If this works, you'll be even more of my hero than you already are! (Well, and if thou shalt reign victorious having slain thine enemy the ant.)

  2. I'm totally trying your house cookie tonight, Molly!!!


  3. Good! I think you'll like it, Jocelyn. And I am still waiting on a royal wedding party post from you.
    Ursula. I have an ant update coming soon, more carnage.