Friday, May 6, 2011

What a difference a day makes; Turf wars

It's been more than a day, but things are starting to get back to normal around here. One of the roads that one might take to get to our house is completely flooded. I was amazed by it so I took a picture. Don't worry, a quick and easy detour is all we needed to get around, but this is what it looks like.

Garden trouble:
I planted green beans and tomatoes in the garden last week and I found a few places where we had fire ants. We have declared war and we are going to kill them. I avoided planting close to the mounds so we haven't had any plant loss yet. (If we did have plant loss from these plants, we have more seedlings that we would probably toss anyways. We'll hang on to them to see what happens.)
So far we have tried two insecticide-free remedies. Here is the second one. Nate pulled up the weed fabric and dug up the nest. The ultimate goal when exterminating a nest is to get the queen, and eliminate her (I have never spoken in such a militaristic manner about anything). We aren't sure if we did that, but he dug until he quit seeing larva.
I'll pause for you to gag a bit. Or say your "Blah"s and "Blech"s.
Are you ok now?
So anyways. He dug until he didn't see any more of those. What he dug he put in these buckets, which were then filled with soapy water in order to drown the ants quickly (see? I've never said words like this before). This morning they had burrowed into that hole again, but I think we'll try soaking it with scalding water again and hope that kills a lot of them off.
See? It's not all rainbows and sunshine around here.

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